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"The new company Opening Doors Theatre did it; a miracle - they made a seemingly impossible dream true by turning a flop musical comedy from the past into what felt like a big, fat success! Treated with real affection but with a sense of self-awareness, the broad comic elements were handled slyly and deftly. They didn’t cross the line into the land of no return: cartoonish or condescending style. And wisely, they didn’t go too far in the other direction by asking us to take things too seriously. Things moved briskly and breezily, with in-character reactions a specialty. Take all this plus judicious editing of the original material, putting the emphasis on its strengths, we got all cream and no sour milk.

Bring Back Birdie
was a major bright spot in the theatre year of 2006. Make that a standing ovation!
- Rob Lester
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"BRISK GOOFY AND A LOT OF FUN! A terrific ensemble was obviously having a blast with Christine Schwalenberg's appropriately silly choreography. The sounded great accompanied by Jason Sirois under Andrew Wheeler's musical direction. The respect for the effort and love of the Broadway musical was shining through!"
- Michael Dale
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"There was a small hole in my heart I'd been carrying for years, and last night filled it in. I enjoyed myself hugely! The performances had just the right tone (some of my tunes I feel I could do better) and some of the cast I wish we had back then! I felt honored. You all worked so hard and profitably; the movements and direction were so light hearted and joyful, I felt like a mensch."
- Charles Strouse, composer (Bring Back Birdie, Annie, Bye Bye Birdie)

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